Vine Signal

An advanced grape farm monitoring platform that uses satellite data, ground data, human expertise and machine learning algorithms to predict grape yield.

Insights enable farmers and businesses to  

  •  Proactively manage crop inputs

  • Predict and manage harvest from extreme weather conditions

  • Mitigate fluctuations in supply and demand

  • De-risk commodity trading

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Soil Signal

Too much water, too less water = No Crops

Water use in agriculture is core to food security and water sustainability. It is key to optimise crop yield and reduce irrigation costs. Soil moisture detection and prediction using satellites is a cheaper alternative to ground sensors. Deep Planet's Soil Signal observes and predicts soil moisture levels using satellites. We deliver advanced analytics daily at near real time and without cloud interference.

Using data from our network of satellite providers and high skilled remote sensing scientists, Soil Signal enables farmers to

  • Grow more with less water

  • Optimise harvest and crop yield

Leak Signal 

Green House gases such as methane and carbon dioxide, those emitted by anthropogenic causes, are the main causes of climate change.

Deep Planet aids United Nations' goal of Climate Change by providing accurate and affordable insights using satellites. Leak Signal monitors emissions in cities and upstream and midstream installations such as wells, pipelines etc. and helps to

  • Detect gas leaks quicker

  • Quantify green house emissions

  • Identify methane seeps in mining

  • Effective waste management

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