Intelligence invisible to the human eye

Using satellites and machine learning to understand risk


The world's population is approaching 10 billion people. Food shortages and chronic droughts are rising. We believe that transforming decision making can lead to global sustainability.

Our goal is to empower business and policy decision makers with new and unbiased insights. Our mission is to boost the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set out by United Nations.  


We use satellite sensors and machine learning to unlock intelligence that is elusive to the human eye.


We track crops through satellites. Our algorithms help farmers to reduce costs and traders to navigate market volatility. Public sector organisations can drive proactive policy making.

With Deep Planet, you will gain from

  • Early detection of crop stress 

  • Forecasting yield

  • Reducing crop monitoring and fertiliser costs 



Our platform provides strategic and operational decision makers and planners in the water industry, farmers, land owners and related businesses with an opportunity to

  • Reduce the cost of monitoring water assets
  • Forecast  changes in water levels
  • Predict natural and anthropogenic environmental change


Gas Monitoring 

We use remote sensing data to provide analytics to utilities, transmission companies, industrial plants and regulators to 

  • Alert oil and gas companies of leaks in their operations
  • Monitor emissions for regulators and governments 
  • Track commodities and inventory levels